Utilising the principles of the basic 6 step Crisis Intervention Model,  the clinician or counsellor works through the Crisis Intervention Model to identify components and worksheets from the book.

It is essential that you are familiar with the crisis intervention model and its application, as well as having a sound knowledge of the Stop Divorce book. 

The contents of the book can be applied to any of the crisis intervention model components at any stage. As a guide though, certain components lend themselves more suitably to the crisis intervention model steps.

The program is designed to be delivered in under 90 minutes, It is possible to schedule a follow up appointment in a fortnight. This follow up session is designed to be a recap and offers monitoring of the plan. Follow up appointments would typically be 30 - 45 minutes.

It’s worth encouraging your client to read and reread Stop Divorce as regularly as possible, as this will cement the ideas and configure the change.

You as a therapist will take on the role of coach delivering additional sessions if they are required. 

Full receipts and a certificate that validates your training are supplied.

This certification allows the trainer to utilise the Stop Divorce package however they desire, and offers a strengthening of knowledge and skills to their existing portfolio.

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