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After years of hard work and lots of research, we're proud of the book. But we're more proud of the fact it's already helped people survive and thrive their break up. 

This is what they're saying about the book...


“The invaluable, real life experience and knowledge shared in this book helped me gain understanding…. and support my sister as she journeyed through the process of her divorce.”

Sharon, Fitzroy, Australia

"I was going through a tense separation and looking to some male friends for help, but it wasn’t until I found this book that I really felt that there was some sound advice out there that was pragmatic and did justice to what I envision men all over the world to be going through at times.

Many times throughout the course of this book I felt myself saying "YES!" in resonance with the themes and straightforward nature of delivery.

I highly recommend this book for any man who feels they may have lost their way, or who is finding navigating relationships to be more like a minefield than a walk in the park."

Josh, 36, Bellarine, Australia

"The book is simple, easy to read and flows with practical steps. All the info is probably out there in various forms if you have the time, energy and interest to find it all, but to have it  compiled and easily accessible in one spot is what makes it so valuable. "

Daryl, 42, Seymour, Australia

"The worksheets were particularly helpful. I saved them to the notes on my phone to remind me of who my supports were and who to rely on for what."

Jenny, 40, Stawell, Australia

"I’m now rebooted, partnered and in a much better space. It's hard to believe there was a time when I was even suicidal, could not see any hope for my future, thought I would die alone, was drinking heaps, angry all the time.

Now my relationship with the kids is better, the time spent is more quality. Once the unknown was taken away, my anxiety subsided and my depression lifted. No more meds!"  

Chris, 48, Castlemaine, Australia